1. ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning
    UEEPC ERP aims at automation and integration of all UEEPC's core business, and to become the UEEPC's information management backbone.
    UEEPC ERP's quality reports and performance analysis help decision maker to get accurate information instantly.
  2. The most powerful aspect of UEEPC ERP is that they are fully integrated around a single database. This means that the UEEPC ERP help of integrated business information across all UEEPC's business processes, this due to enhances productivity and increase overall performance.
    UEEPC ERP designed to be suitable for UEEPC's core business, all print out and work cycles are 100% compatible with UEEPC's rules.
  3. UEEPC ERP was designed by Self-help.
    1. Being developed in 2019, under the auspices of chairman: Eng. Mohamed Mokhtar
    2. Established in 2016, under the auspices of former chairman: Eng. Ibrahim El-Shahat
    Developing by engineer: Mohamed Osama Aly Facebook